Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tyvm :D

Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback from the KPOP poll. I have been receiving quite alot ard, and am praying fr more to come in. However, i will collate the total number of votes for the various bands, and pick the top 3-5 bands. Well, i might change my mind and buy other KPOP band stuff too. But definitely there will be the Top3-5 KPOP bands. And i the last day im gonna accept the feedbacks are 5 days before i fly off to Korea. Which is the 25th of MAY 2011.

MYE is about to come, okay, its next week. And we are rather busy lately, but business is ongoing. No hiatus or any shit :) Sorry to ppl taking supply, Grace is gonna update the supply list soon, by next week everything will be up nice and tidy for you :)

I swear im gonna post up my instocks today. I drag very long liau :X Okay la i dowan swear, very risky, i try my very best to post it today:)

This weekend im gonna go get Stickys. In case you do not know how much im selling to you, see the sidebars, look for STICKYS in "others". Taking any order starting from today. For everyone's convenience, you can text me 98485204 :)