Monday, February 21, 2011

Supply Information

Firstly, all i can say is we don't scam. We are just normal students that wants to earn some extra money ourselves and wont cheat your money just to get wht we want:))

Tampines, Tanah Merah, and Bedok ONLY. 
If you dont want to come over to tamp/tanahmerah/bedok, please opt for postage, but still got to meet us to pay money first. If you opt for postage, pay fr postage fee and misc. fee tgt. You know wht i mean lah, LOL :P

Meetups nt free D: For the first meetup to pay money, fee is only $1, if youre nt opting fr postage, 2nd meetup to collect items, only need pay another $0.50.
However, good news for you lah, if i in the vicinity, i may not ask you to pay the fee for meetups:) Happy? :D   

Other places can be further discussed :>

Monday-Friday, Only available after 3PM.
Weekends, to our convenience only:))
Any questions, just ask:))